Monday, December 15, 2008

parts of the microprocessor

The microprocesor is a complex chip in the system .
The parts of the microprocessor are

Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU)- Performs all the arithmetic calculations such as addition substraction and the logical calculations using the AND and Or operators.
Control Unit (CU)- Controls the flow of the data and information to other units of the microprocessor.
Decode Unit- Decodes the various instructions sent to the microprocessor . It converts data to language that is understood by the Microprocesor.
Instruction Cache- Stores the instructions that are required to process the data .
Prefetch unit-Controls the flow of the data and gives instructions to the decode unit from the instruction cache.
Data cache- Stores data in the microprocessor that is further used for processing.
Registers- Stores data required by the ALU unit.

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