Monday, December 15, 2008

Functions of a PC

Personal computer has a microprocessor for processing data, a keyboard for entering data, a monitor for displaying data and a storage device for storing data.PC performs many functions such as :

> Accepting Data- Accepts data input from the user through various input devices like the keyboards, mouse,scanner ,digital camera or microphone.

Storing Data- Enables you to storage large amounts of data. this also helps in recovering the data stored earlier. It can store the data permanently on the storage devices such as the hard didk drive, floppy disk drive, physical memory, optical drives or tape drives.

Processing Data- Performs operations on the input data. A set of instructions starts these operations. These instructions are either stored in the memory or built into the micrprocessor. Data processing is the process of manipulating the data using a set of instructions and producing the desired output.

Displaying Data- Shows processed data to the user. This data can be in the form of numbers, characters, or pictures. PC displays the output through various output devices, such as monitors ,printers or speakers.

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