Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Configuring the Microprocessor

You must configure the microprocessor after installing it. Configuring the microprocessor is possible by adjusting the jumpers, if they are present on the motherboard. The jumper settings differ from one motherboard to another. The motherboard usually auto-detects the microprocessor. Microprocessord can also be configured using the settings from the system basic input output system (BIOS). The BIOS stores the system information.
Microprocessor is built and set to perform at the recommended speed. The recommended speed of microprocessor is set below the maximum speed of the microprocessor. Modifying microprocessor configuration increases the speed of microprocessor.
To modify the speed of microprocessor using the system BIOS:

1) Refer to the instruction manual for setting the speed of the microprocessor at which it can give optimum performance.
2) start the system.
3) Press the Delete key on the keyboard to enter the BIOS setup.
4) Select CPU PnP setup screen that enables to modify the settings for the microprocessor .
5(Press Enter to display CPU PnP setup screen that enables to modify the settings for the microprocessor.
6)Use the page up or page down key on the keyboard to select the required CPU Ratio
7) Press ESC to return to the BIOS main menu.
8) Press f10 to save and exit.

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